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Tips to Help You Improve Your Finances in 2017

January 20th, 2017 | Author:

[I]f you are like many people, you made a New Year’s resolution to improve your finances or rebuild your credit for 2017. While this seems like a worthy goal, it won’t gain much steam unless you have a plan. You must determine exactly what you will do to achieve your goal and start working on...Continue Reading »

Steps to Take to Build Financial Security

January 18th, 2017 | Author:

[A]re you trying to rebuild your credit? Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? If you have set a goal to become more financially stable in the new year, you need to have a plan. Here is one that almost everyone can follow to achieve success. 1. Set Long-term and Short-Term Goals Before...Continue Reading »

Mistakes People Make with Credit Cards

January 16th, 2017 | Author:

[G]etting a credit card can be a sign of “growing up” for many. It feels good to know you have earned your way to having credit or to have rebuilt your credit to the point where you can be trusted with credit again. However, not everyone handles this new responsibility in the best way. Here...Continue Reading »

How to Protect Your Credit If You’re Self-Employed

January 13th, 2017 | Author:

[B]eing self-employed often brings a sense of independence and freedom. You have a flexible schedule, and you are in control of how much you earn and when you work. However, it also comes with a few negatives, especially when it comes to your credit history and credit rating. Here are some ways to protect your...Continue Reading »

How to Take Control of Your Finances

January 2nd, 2017 | Author:

[I]f your goal is to be financially independent and able to enjoy life, you must take control of your money. Here are a few tips to help you in this process so you can live the kind of life you want. Understand Your Income This is the fun part. Figure out how much income you...Continue Reading »

Don’t Let the Monsters Steal Your Identity This Halloween

December 12th, 2016 | Author:

[I]t can seem as if the ghouls and goblins of the finance world come out in full force around the holiday season. Hackers and identity thieves know more people shop from Halloween to the New Year, which leaves them more vulnerable. Here are a few tips on how you can protect your identity now and...Continue Reading »

Don’t Let the Colder Weather Ruin Your Credit

December 9th, 2016 | Author:

[A]s the temperatures drop, heating costs rise. If you live from paycheck to paycheck, even a slight increase may leave you wondering how you are going to manage all of your bills. The high utility bills can hurt your credit if you’re not careful. Too Many Bills, Not Enough Money If increasing utility costs mean...Continue Reading »

Does Credit Repair Really Work?

December 7th, 2016 | Author:

[I]f you’re like most people who are trying to improve their credit score, you’ve probably seen those ads that promise your credit score will improve in 30 days. They tell you to try their credit repair services and see how it works. For those with suspicious natures, they may think it sounds too good to...Continue Reading »

Do You Need Good Credit to Buy a Vacation Home?

December 5th, 2016 | Author:

[B]uying a vacation home is often a dream of people who enjoy returning to the same place year after year. They may feel it makes more sense to own a home rather than paying for a few weeks each year. When they aren’t using the home, they can rent it out to other vacationers. Qualifying...Continue Reading »

3 Things You Need to Know about Credit

December 2nd, 2016 | Author:

[I]f you’re trying to build credit or repair bad credit, you’ve probably seen a lot of information about credit. Some of it can be overwhelming. You don’t know what is essential or what you should do first. Here are the three most important things to know about credit. 1. You Must Have Credit to Build...Continue Reading »

Do You Need Good Credit for Traveling?

November 30th, 2016 | Author:

[I]f you like to travel, you may wonder if good credit is necessary to enjoy life on the road. While it’s not a requirement for vacationing or taking a road trip, it can make life easier. Here are a few instances of how good credit can make traveling easier. Credit Cards for Reservations You need...Continue Reading »