3 Ways You Can Waste Your Money

August 11th, 2017 | Author:

[I]f you’re trying to become more financially stable and improve your credit rating, you must be careful with how you spend your money. While you don’t want to give up everything fun in life in order to be frugal, you also want to avoid wasting your money on unnecessary expenses. Here are three ways people often waste their money.

Gym Memberships

You make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, so you join a gym thinking it will motivate you to stick with your goal. By May or even February, you find you’re going less than you planned to. Now you’re paying for a membership you don’t use. If you locked into a year’s contract, you’re stuck paying the dues until it runs out.

A better use of your money would be to purchase some home exercise equipment and create a workout plan around your schedule. Unless you’re the type of person who must go to a gym and you actually use your membership, this is a smarter way to reach your goals.

A Daily Coffee Stop

You like your gourmet coffee, so you stop at the little coffee shop on your way to work every morning. If you spend $5 a day for a cup of java, that means you’ll spend $100 a month on this one item. That’s $1200 per year.

Most people don’t think about the total cost of a regular purchase, but it can add up. Just think what else you could do with that money. A better option would be to buy a gourmet coffee machine or espresso maker and create your own treats at home.

Other Splurges

Maybe it’s a pair of name-brand jeans, a new pair of shoes or the latest movie with your favorite actor. Everyone has little splurges that they like to make when they can afford them. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself if you have the money. The problem comes when you take away from a bill that’s due to afford these luxuries.

You can often find a cheaper way to get what you want if you are willing to make the effort. Look for sales or try second-hand stores. You can even browse online sales groups to get a gently used version of whatever you’re looking for.

Think outside the box on your favorite ways to spend money and you’ll discover it’s even more fun to save money then to spend it.

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