What Does a Credit Score Reveal About Your Potential Partner’s Character and Spending Habits?

February 12th, 2013 | Author:

Knowing your partner’s credit score will tell you a lot about their character and spending habits. Before you invest time, emotions and money into a relationship, read below to find out What a Credit Score Reveals About Your Potential Partner.

If your partner has a credit score of 680 or more, then you can expect that they pay their bills on time, use credit wisely and will get excellent rates on loans and mortgages.

Anything below 620 means your partner may have some major character flaws that will lead you to heartbreak, debt and having your own credit score impacted negatively. 

There is a correlation between lower credit scores and involvement in poor moral activities such as stealing, cheating, falsifying documents, and fraudulent behavior.  Lower credit scores can also reveal an impatient, flighty personality.

In addition to knowing What a Credit Score Reveals About Your Potential Partner, watch out for these signs of bad credit behavior that lower credit scores and lead to a rocky relationship:

  • Maxing Out Credit Cards – shows that your partner relies too much on credit and spends more than he/she earns.
  • Missing a Credit Card Payment – demonstrates your partner is not responsible.
  • Debt Settlement – settling debts to pay only pay a portion of the amount owed shows that your partner spent more than was earned.
  • Foreclosure – shows your partner couldn’t maintain regular payments and the lender took back the car or house.
  • Declaring Bankruptcy – Filing for bankruptcy stays on a credit report for at least 7 years making it almost impossible to get credit or improve credit scores in that time.
  • Applies for Too Many Credit Cards, Opens Many Credit Accounts and Applies for Many Loans – too many accounts shows excessive spending.
  • No Checking or Savings Account – indicates there is no record of income or savings making your partner a high credit risk.
  • No Credit Card – having no credit card, or using no credit of any kind indicates that your partner is not able to get credit or loans.

Finding out your partner’s credit score can help you predict if you will have a happy life or if you will be struggling with debt, or worse.  Check out our info graphic below called What a Credit Score Reveals About Your Potential Partner, then go ask your partner for their credit score now!

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